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mailReach by WestcomZivo

MailReach Service Policy

MailReach is committed to provide the most cost-effective communication channel for our clients to interact with their customers and to make use of the leading edge technology to reinforce customer relationship management. As our privileged recipient, we are obliged to let you know in more details our service pledge and policy.

What Is MailReach?

MailReach is a permission-based eDirect Marketing (eDM) production and broadcasting application. MailReach service is offered to clients who have the need to communicate with their customers via eDM.

Why You Recieve email From MailReach?

You receive eDM from mailReach because you are one of our clients' email subscribers.

What Is Our Policy?

We require clients of mailReach to abide by the mailReach User Policy in which they are committed not to violate the regulations as stipulated in the Anti-Spam & Unsolicited Electronic Messages Ordinance and the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in HKSAR and/or other equivalent principles and laws set out in clients' locality of business operations.

We do not and never share, nor use, nor sell our clients' email database in whatever circumstances. The mailReach service is in compliance with the anti-spam and data privacy laws as stipulated above.

How to Report Spam or Unlawful emails?

If you suspect the eDM from mailReach is a spam mail, or the content of the eDM has violated our user policy, please email us your comment and suggestions.

How to Opt-out?

If you plan not to receive further emails from mailReach, please press the Unsubscription button and send your request to us, or you can choose to contact the Sender of the eDM directly.

Do Not Reply to Our email

DO NOT REPLY to our email as we would not be able to retrieve your mail. For enquiry directly relating to mailReach, please email us your comment and suggestions.

For enquiry directly relating to the promotional content of the email, please contact the Sender, ie our client, directly.