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mailReach by WestcomZivo

MailReach Features

Better Understanding on Marketing Trend and Customers' Needs

With state-of-art technology, mailReach overcomes the drawback of traditional marketing by real-time tracking your readers' browsing behavior and turns data into various analytical reports. mailReach always puts you on the alert before it's too late.

Save Time and Money on One-to-One Marketing

With mailReach, you will not only enjoy the benefit on cost saving, but also take advantage of targeting right audience with right information at right time. mailReach manages customer expectations by sending personalized messages to your clients based upon their preferences and behavior thus multiplying the impact of your promotions.

User-friendly & Self-Help System that needs No Technical Skills

With just a few simple clicks, mailReach will complete all the sophisticated tasks of a successful marketing campaign. Without the need on technical know- how, the step of using mailReach is just as simple as sending an email. By using Word-like Template Maker, you can design and tailormade your e- promotional materials for specific individual and target groups.

Customer Relationship Management

mailReach keeps you from blind shooting and let you know whom you should talk to and what should be talked. It enables you to maintain detailed customer profile and segments. Customer relationship is tactfully managed with automated "Follow-up" feature and "Dynamic Content" messages. In mailReach, the tasks of acquiring new customers and expanding new customer base have become automatic and effective.

Email Personalization

Send personalized and highly relevant messages to targeted individuals at the right time.

  • Template Maker - provide Word-like tools for content editing.
  • Automatic Scheduler - capable of sending personalized campaign in designated time.

Intelligent Tracking

Get a full picture of what works with your email campaign and what doesn't.

  • Template Maker - assess the open rate of emarketing campaign.
  • Open Rate Tracker - summarize number of times campaign page gets read.
  • Click-thru Tracker - measure recipients' interests and preferences by link click-thru.

Analytical Reporting

Review campaign effectiveness and make effective decisions going forward.

  • Detailed Real-time Reports - view campaign statistics for individual mailing groups.
  • Filter-based Reports - view demographic breakdown on individual campaign.
  • Campaign-based Reports - monitor open, click-through and unsubscribe rates of the campaign over time.
  • Ready-to-go Reporting - offer full-color reports for instant printout.

Advance Features

Improve campaign effectiveness on your email marketing.

  • Dynamic Form Generation - Create dynamic online form for instant survey and data collection
  • Campaign Follow-up - provide personalized follow-ups for leveraging the sale leads.
  • Multiple Subject Selection - allow multiple email subjects for specific campaign.
  • User Activity Tracking - find out customers' needs by monitoring link click through.

Customer Database Refinement

  • eCRM tracking - analyze customers' perference and behaviour.
  • Bounced back and unsubscription email management - provide database filtering for opt-out and invalid email address.